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All Bloodline Tattoo Inks are processed with the utmost attention and care in the USA at our 4000 SF clean space. Everything from mixing, pouring, bottling, labeling, packing and shipping happens in our clean location. Bloodline Inks are cruelty-free, never tested on animals, vegan safe and Covid safe. We create some of the brightest, fastest healing inks on the market today. We are confident you will be very pleased with our products.




Bloodline Tattoo Ink creates premium tattoo inks for the global tattoo industry. Our Bloodline ink will last on the skin forever. It has been thoroughly tested and is bottled in our on-site clean room facility.


Bloodline inks are made from pure organic pigment. Application on certain individuals may cause allergic reactions. User is responsible for use of this product. Bloodline inks disclaim any responsibility for allergic reactions of individuals to whom this pigment is applied. Spot testing highly encouraged. Do not ingest or use near eyes. Check expiration date and ensure seal is unbroken before use. Further information can be found in each color’s SDS file.  
About our inks
Product Information

Bloodline inks are sealed with heat induction to insure zero outside contamination. Bloodline inks are regularly tested and evaluated for consistency. Bloodline ink cooperates with all regulations. Bloodline inks are made in the USA from start to finish.

Bloodline inks may have a strong scent and may vary from shade to shade. We use organic pigments and do not use chemical odor masking to hide the scent.


Our Location

Bloodline Inks is made in the USA, manufactored from start to finish in the state of Nevada.

Bloodline Gives Back

Bloodline Tattoo Inks hosts FOOD FOR LIFE events in the Philippines for street children, where we go directly to impoverished area of Manila and invite as many families who want to come and get free meals at Joleebee and McDonalds, AMERICAN PRIDE AND EXCELLENCE, FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED.


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